Mistress Jolee Leggz

Women have a natural 7th sense for being in control over the actions of men.

-Mistress Jolee Leggz

 My sultry almond-shaped eyes will stare into the core of your very being. It is then you feel my dominance bounce and resonates within you. Being of African American and Caribbean descent the curves of my body and glow of my beautiful brown skin will leave you mesmerized. My measurements are 38C-30-44. 


My introduction to the BDSM lifestyle started with simple cock and ball torture and heel worship. At the age of 19, I met the most unassuming submissive and through this encounter, my thirst for BDSM began. Although my orientation to BDSM came in the form of a chance meeting, my next submissive would be sought out carefully. My first encounter taught me that, I enjoyed and had a natural appetite for having a male relinquish his power and follow the direction of a woman.

Now I have taken my seat amongst other superior mistresses as an Ebony Pro-Domme. My 10 years of training has afforded me a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have perfected the skill of using subtle suggestive words, looks or sensual gestures to get men to do what I want. Usually, just a stern look from me can get the most unfortunate male to stand at attention *pun intended*.  On rare occasions when men cannot get the hint, a swift kick to the balls usually makes them straighten up.  

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