Lets See Where This Goes ...

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Okay, well I know the title is a misnomer but it is eye catching. Never the less it is true. I have never summoned all of the boys for inspectionor pre-consideration. But I believe that it is the time to do so. I am a Financial Dominatrix who offers more than just humiliating words and tasks. My motto is "Your willingness to submit strengthens my desire to dominate you." I strongly believe that if a slave is willing to serve then the relationship is more mutually beneficial. Long term arrangements are favorable for me, because constant switching and short term agreements do not allow for a real bond to form. The slave is unable to really get to know me and plus your first 30 days is your trial/pre-consideration period.

SOOO... I am calling all you boys who are interested in being collared/owned.I have an opening for 2 financial slaves who take pride in behaving well and being as useful as they can. There are a few types of submissive that can fill the opening. These are slaves who are into feet/shoes/sock/stockings or those who enjoy humiliation and those who believe in female supremacy.


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