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I am a Domina Jolee the Spoiled Ebony Goddess

Where did the website domain name originate?

First, I introduce myself to the BDSM community as Domina Jolee. Obviously I am a woman, but more importantly, I have 8+ years studying and practicing as a Dominatrix. My title Domina denotes my status within the community. I am a leader, educator, practitioner within the BDSM community. Furthermore, I strongly identify with the archetype of the Goddess.

By definition, the Goddess is a female deity. I am dangerously gorgeous and extremely intelligent and calculating. I effortlessly am able to persuade men to follow my directions and get caught in my web. Men worship me without objection and hold Me in very high esteem. This leads to them Spoiling Me with gifts, cash, vacations, etc.

I completely understand the connotation of the word "Spoiled". But it is important to understand that words take meaning from the context that it is in. In the case of my domain title, the context does not fit the traditional definition of the word "Spoiled". As it follows... I am a Goddess and men will give me gifts because they want some favor with Me. Men will overindulge Me with cash, gifts, etc. So in the context that the word is used men spoil Me.

So, there you go... I put it together and created

If you want to tribute or talk to me your Goddess then Message Me on SextPanther!

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