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Sub Edition: 5 Ways to Make Quarantine Interesting

With all of us staying home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we find a lot more time to do things. And as you search through the internet you find all the focus on Superior Women what we are doing to make us more irresistible to you. We are using our time to making more content, learn more about our crafts and searching for new subs during the nationwide stay at home order. I realize that you may be overwhelmed by the amount of content, advertisements, and appearance of NEW Dommes.

That is why I am writing this post. This post was meant to help you when you get overwhelmed but more importantly, it is to help you grow as a submissive/servant.

5 Ways to Make Quarantine Interesting

Clean Your Toys

You may use them often or not enough but it would not hurt to clean them. With this virus spreading around the earth we are reminded of cleanliness and proper hygiene. It would be prudent and a fun activity to gather all of your toys and clean them. Some may invoke memories from special moments and Dommes you may have served. Use this activity like a walk down memory lane and a time to inventory or your toys. It is recommended to use an antibacterial cleaner that is compatible with the material of the toy you are cleaning. Use leather cleaner for your leather and rubber cleaner for rubber etc. I use the Shabari Antibacterial Toy Cleaner for my beloved toys.

Read Books & Online Publications

Use this time to gain more knowledge about the things that you like. Google is an amazing place to search for information. And now there are so many books on submission, power exchange, and BDSM. Take time to immerse yourself in this knowledge and why would you not. If you claim to like something and claim to believe in Black Female Supremacy, Female Domination, impact play, etc. then it benefits you to know everything about it.

Join Forums

Apart from your research, you should be joining and participating in forums to exercise the ideas and knowledge you acquired by reading ad researching. Some of you are new to the community and a forum is a great opportunity to do become comfortable with the community and the terms and such. Forums helped me at first to get acquainted with the online community and connect to the local community. No matter how much knowledge or experience I obtain I will always participate in discussions in forms.

Practice Submission positions

Now here is something physical that you can do to further practice and enhance your submission. I don't know how many times I ask a submissive to tell me which positions he knows and he just kneels and gets on all fours. Now those may be the most common but there are other positions that the sub can use to denote submission. Take a search for "Submissive Kneeling & Position" thought Google and get in from of a mirror and practice. I promise that you Domme will appreciate it.

Reach Out to Your Fave Dominatrix

After you have done everything then you have the opportunity to approach your favorite Domme. You are now better equipped to have a fruitful conversation and are better aware of how to behave. Dommes enjoy when submissives ask how their day was or gives a small tribute to show appreciation. Any gesture which does not come with the expectation of the Domme to reciprocate is greatly appreciated.

I hope these tips help fill the idle time that has newly been acquired. If you want to contact me feel free to email me at and if you are looking to check on me subscribe to my to have unlimited access to me by direct message.

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