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My 2020 New Years Plan

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

#1: Set A Realistic Monthly Money Goal

Set your monthly money goal to include all mediums that you sell (content, session, used items, and tributes) BTW gifts do not count because they are material and cannot be liquidated.

#2: More Education related to My Kinky Interests

With anything that you find interest in learning more about it is natural. BDSM has evolved over the past 10 years! Hell... It makes its way into mainstream media. I enjoy learning about different ways to verbally and non verbally humiliate submissives. Additionally attending classed and practicing my craft with a flogger and paddles have a positive effect on my submissives.

#3: Participate in more Fetish Themed Local Events

As I live in a different state from where I got my start, my contacts are very few. For this New Year, I will be making a more concerted effort to attend Munches, BDSM positive spaces and thus become move locally involved.

#4: Keep a strick schedule for Niteflirt, Live Camming and Filming

I have to admit... I am a very busy woman and I have 1000 things on my mind at every given time. But I am vowing to slow down and get more done. So I will have to cut down on many of my fun recreational activities to make time for my boys. And You boys can be very fun to play with. So I will be posting my schedule and sticking to it!

#5: Engage with my fans on Twitter and OnlyFans & AVN

Oh and last but not least! I will be more available and doing giveaways! I appreciate my fans and want to show you that you matter. So I want you to stay tuned for ME this New Year!

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