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Princess? No Bitch. QUEEN !

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

So you ask, what type of Dominatrix am I?

Well that is a loaded question to ask someone who has had almost a decade of experience training boys to be proud submissives and slaves. But I will do my best to explain to you what type of Dominatrix I am.

I have never really gave it a strong thought. My reason for this was not because I was not serious about this lifestyle, it was more because I was thrust into the lifestyle on chance. I have always had an aggressive attitude and a demanding nature. But since I have been practicing I have realized the natural dominant attributes that I posses. A long while ago I was told that " I can quiet a room when I walk in", or that "My walk commands respect." Looking back I NOW understand that I was born for this. I have the natural ability to make men fall to their knees ley alone open their wallets.

My friends used to ask me, "Why do men always treat you to dinner or buy you things ?" I would normally reply humbly and say, "I just meet nice guys", or think of some other way to down play my good fortune. NOW I know that it is my attitude and my no-nonsense personality that makes you losers weak in the knees. Taken together I conclude that I am a strict, intelligent, cunning Domme. Whom commands respect and total worship from her Subs/Pets. My subs will willingly and gracefully accept their place and worship me every step of the way.

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