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A Fun Night of Kink !

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

On September 30,2017 I attended the The Crucible Leather Flea Market and Play Party. My boy purchased me a leather flogger with a blue and black handle and a slapper with a red hanfle.I purchased my self a cane which I wanted as soon as I walked in the event. I did have a wonderful time mingling and such. I was intriuged by the corcsets and latex dressed. But I was certanly not in the mood to try on anything so I will save that for the next time they hold this event. I believe I was told that it will take place in the spring time. After the Flea Market I went back to the hotel and freshened up and changed into something more appropriate for the party event. I put on my sexy, shiny body suit, bandage tights and my sexy green shoes.

The second half of the event was at the Crucible in DC and was held in the open space where the vendors where. There were multiple stations. I think I counted about 10 stations where one could publicly hold a session. As it was my first time in the DC scene I watched and interacted with many of the individuals. What I found most interesting was the puppy play station. My eyes were glued to all the little puppies playing and such. I missed some of the play at the medical station but I will be back to experience more.

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