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Look What he Got Me !

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I visited The Crucible in DC this weekend while a special submissive was down for the weekend. On Saturday September 21 they hosted a Leather Fleamarket and Play Party. My special boy and I visited the the fleamarket where I was reasonably pleased with the selection that the vendors brought with them. There was everything from your regular run of the mill sex toys to dildo drills, all type of fetish wear including corsets and latex, from jewelry to bags and makeup. The atmosphere was very friendly and inviting. 

After walking around I made the decision of what I wanted. I decided on the 3 items pictured below. 

My first purchase was the Slut Slapper. It’s name comes from the etched letters on the front of the leather.   I love the sound it makes when both pieces of leather come together when they meet a nice piece of ass. Lol!

Next I decided it was time for me to get my first flogger. Up until now I have had no desire to use a flogger. But when I saw this ... I almost lost my shit. When I picked her up, I instantly knew that she was mine. She fit in my hand so well and the weight was perfect for my wrists. I cannot wait until I get come one bent over a firm surface so I can make them squeal like a pig. Lmao 

Now the last purchase was a cane. I got the purple one medium width. And when I walked up to this vendor my hand started to twitch. And I made the little one pull out his credit card and swipe immediately. 

Overall I had an fantastic time at the fleamarket ! I did ask when was the next one and I was told that it won’t be until next year March. And you can count on me being at that one because I have more things to buy and try! 

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