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Why FinDom ?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

First and foremost I do not make my living off Financial Domination. There are many Dominatrix that seek to or do and I applaud them for making a boy sustain her lifestyle. However, I do use your money to enhance my lifestyle and experiences.

In my experience men are horrible managers of money and they usually require the assistance of a woman to teach them how to value money. Additionally, men attach meaning to the amount of money they have or spend. You my dear have one or both of the problems ahead.

I can picture you sitting there rubbing your semi hard penis and thinking "Am I that careless with my money?" LOL. But the answer is "Yes". Name the last thing you brought because your testosterone told you so ? I can bet it was expensive and you really didn't need or the pleasure was gone after one use.

Because men measure their pride and self worth in terms of how much money they earn. Taking that from them will lead to a change in their behavior. I believe in using behavior modification to enhance the human condition.

So what I seek to do is to enhance your understanding of your bad spending habits of you have them and redirect such money into savings or nice donations to ME.

I seek the exchange of power which results in detaching you from the identity you attach to having a surplus of money. Which will undoubtedly make you in to a better person.

I know you are asking how does this help Mistress if she is constantly helping me. Well I obtain pleasure from taking over your finances and influencing your spending choices. Total power exchange drives me and make me wet. LOL. Some that are experienced in this fetish would have deduced that from the above description. But none the less if you are interested in talking more about this or other fetishes inbox me.

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