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Merry Christmas

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

As I sit here sipping my White Hennessy and puffing on my Cuban cigar marveling at the presents under the tree, I couldn't help but think about having a little submissive crawling back and forth handing me presents and handle the paper after I rip it off. I'd tell you which gift to bring me first and laugh as you crawl on your hands and knees to the tree and select the gift and bring it back to me. You will be instructed to sit back on your feet and hold my drink and cigar while I open each gift.

After opening gifts, I will certainly be hungry. This is where you would follow my instruction to create me the most delicious breakfast. First I would put an apron on you to make your your dick stays hidden. LOL. So on to you washing your dirty little hands. And taking out the eggs, bacon, butter and biscuits. I continue to instruct you to cook each item the way I like it. As you finish, you notice I have disappeared. 

You call out "Mistress" with a quiver in your voice. But you do not see me walk up behind you in a red one piece and with my big black strap on. Your eyes get big and I say "It is time for me to give you your present! " and smile. LOL. I lead you the couch and bend you over facing the tree. 

I lube up your dirty little hole.. taking a lube launcher and shooting lube into your hole making it easy for you to take my 9 inch Big Black dildo. I start stretching your hole with my finger then anal training toys. I giggle as I hear you moan each time I insert a bigger and bigger plug. The time then comes for you to take it. I ease it in, and you let out a loud moan, pushing your ass on to my dildo. As I stroke your ass you moan and begin to leak out of your mini dick. I see you start jerking.. I smile slightly. I stroke harder and harder and you get louder and louder. Laughing at your legs weakening and then I ask "Who's pussy is this? “ You belt out “Yours Domina !“ I laugh in amusement at your enjoyment. Then I hear your pitch getting higher and you breathing faster and then you collapse. I notice that you came on the couch. I immediately take you by the neck and push your face into it and make you lick it up. After you finished you ask “Why I make you clean up the cum? “ I look and snarl and say “You didn’t ask permission to cum and you messed up the couch, now Go fix my food! “ You look up with understanding and bring me a plate of the breakfast that you cooked and sit on your knees at my feet waiting for further instruction. 

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