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Dom, sub, switch?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

First and foremost I am a Dominant Superior Woman. Some may want to refer to me as a Mistress, Dominatrix, Goddess, etc. But, I consider my self as a Professional Mistress or Dominatrix. I prefer the titles, Domina or Queen.

I take pride in maintaining control of the body and mind of my submissive at every moment. I also enjoy training and molding my submissive to become a stronger and more obedient submissive. I don't have any interest in having sex or live-in submissive. I already have my talk, fit Black Man that does my body better than you could ever.

What interests me in BDSM play is different but similar to what generally interests me in BDSM. During BDSM play I enjoy the rush adrenaline I receive from walking in the room and first hearing my submissive greet me and then seeing him/her kneel in reverence.Although, sex/sexual acts can be incorporated into BDSM play. I tend to conduct non-sexual sessions. I enjoy the aspect of not giving you any sexual pleasure, in my opinion, it makes the submissive behave better.

I am most interested in the power exchange exhibited between two separate parties. It fills me with great pride to handle a male/female with a collar attached to a leash. I find it especially intriguing to have someone release their vanilla objections and lend themselves to deliver service to another person. For me, it is the deepest form of flattery and admiration.

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