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How did Goddess Jolee get so kinky?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Ooh well I knew I liked women very early. Lol! I had a girlfriend at 16! But I had a high sexual appetite as I turned 18/19. The first time I fingered a guy I was 19. And first time I wheeled a flogger I was 22!

I have always had males do what I say. Since I was a young woman males followed my direction. Once I was introduced to BDSM and this fetish lifestyle, Man, it fit like a glove! I believe my openness toward sex and sexuality along with my curiosity brought Me to this lifestyle.

My newest kink was always a kink I wanted to try. Pegging has been on my mine for a number of years, I believe it started when I started fingering this guy I was seeing. We were trying to get the whole hand in but...

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